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You belong on HerHeadquarters app if:

• You’re a man, woman, trans, or non-binary person working at or presenting a woman-owned business based in the U.S.• (and) you have the authority to explore and secure project collaborations on behalf of the business


How Do We Define ‘Brand Partnership’?

When two or more women-owned businesses join forces on a project, event, or campaign that’s mutually beneficial, no matter how small or big project is.

Rewards Our Business Community Experienced:

We talked to 200+ women-owned businesses from our community that participated in a collaboration over the past year. They reported multiple results:

$9.5 million
In value brought into the business
The average value of a collaboration
Reported a boost in online traffic
Reported an increase in revenue
Reported getting new media coverage
Reported attraction from new investors

Here’s What’s Waiting for You Inside:

• Fashion shows• PR & marketing campaigns• Photo & video shoots• Conferences• Pop-ups• Limited edition collections• App & websites• Branding projects• & more ....


Our Community



“Chatterkick is a connection agency, built on social media expertise and a belief that human connection is as valuable as currency.”

Beth Trejo, Founder and CEO, Sioux City
Founded in 2012
Laine London

Laine London

“A first-of-it’s kind clothing-as-a-service (CaaS) business in the wedding industry.”

Lundyn Carter, Founder and CEO, Atlanta
Founded in 2018
The Dairy Fairy

The Dairy Fairy

“We create ingenious intimates for mama’s milk by engineering products that are feminine, functional and empowering to postpartum mom.”

Emily Ironi, Founder and CEO, Bay Area
Founded in 2013
She TV Media

She TV Media

“She TV Media is an award-winning, female-led full service video production company dedicated to creating empowering and impactful content through commercials, documentaries, and narratives.”

Natalie Perez & Meredith Yinger, Co-founders, Los Angeles
Founded in 2018

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Founder: Uses app to post a company project, event, or campaign need

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Review each request and their profile

Approve request from her top choice

Connect and start new partnership


Manager: Uses app to discover brand partnerships for his employer

Share company partnership interests

Receive partnership and networking matches

Review matches

Submits request to join preferred partnerships

Connect and start new partnership

Our Founder’s Story

Carina Glover

“HerHeadquarters has and will always be more than an app. It’s the vision God planted in me to create a product that multiplies success for women-owned businesses world-wide. The effect of this success will be more women in positions of power, shattered ceilings and legacies of generational wealth.”

Carina Glover